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About Branding By Banding

About Branding By Banding

Branding by Banding is a innovative labelling concept from Bandall and Optimum Group PrintingLLC, geared to tomorrow’s market. Environmentally friendly, inexpensive, time-saving and yet quality, lightweight packaging conveys your product image and information perfectly. Simultaneous printing of texts, codes, dates, etc., ensures the finished package is tailored to your own labelling needs.

Branding by Banding specializes in providing the most practical, safe and cost-efficient packaging solutions for your company. Whether in the organic food, graphics, pharmaceutical or beverage industry, packaging with automated Bandall banding systems can help you set your products apart from others in crowded industries.

If looking to improve Packaging ROI with zero-damage, low-waste solutions, look no further than Branding by Banding: Your brand image on a printed band around your product!

  • More printing area for brand, nutritional, ingredient and origin details
  • Added value and increased brand recognition and visual presentation
  • Available in variety of dimensions
  • Excellent quality print on a wide range of paper or film – special finishes, die-cut and printing on the reverse are just some of the possibilities
  • Automatic and accurate positioning around your product, closing the pack if required – offering tamper evidence
  • Suitable for all sizes of production facility
  • Print & band – unlimited printing of data during banding process
  • Less packaging, less waste, less energy, less handling
  • Automatically processed using appropriate banding technology
  • High production speeds and packaging capacity
  • Greater energy efficiency
  • Low maintenance and material costs


Optimum Group Printing LLC

Optimum Group Printing is a specialized printing company, specialized in UV Flexo rotary printing of labels and flexible packaging and is the market leader in printed banding labels and specials; specifically in terms of self-adhesive labels, sticky labels, multi-layered labels, security stamps, gummed adhesive tape, foils and flexible packaging.

Bandall International

Established in 1990 in The Netherlands, Bandall manufactures and distributes worldwide bundling and banding solutions. Bandall offers banding applications that respond to the “Less is more” trend; less material, less pastics, less waste.

Optimum Group Printing LLC is the printed band supplier for the Branding by Banding concept.

Banding is becoming an increasingly popular way to add information to a product. From private labels to your own designs, banding gives your product the added value it needs. Furthermore, increasingly stringent statutory requirements and consumer demands are limiting the amount of space available on other information carriers, such as labels and sleeves. This is one of the reasons banding is really catching on.

Printed bands can be automatically processed on a banding machine. Here at Optimum Group Printing LLC we work closely with system manufacturer Bandall to find the find the right banding and bundling automation systems for your company’s needs. For information about the machines please visit.

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